KOP CAREExperts for maintaining value

Maintaining value and incorporating life cycles

  • Real estate appraisals
  • Facility management
  • Efficiency in sustainability

To maintain value KOP supports its clients in multiple ways: we appraise the value of real estate based on standardized methods and we advise which structural alteration pays off for our clients. We also accompany them in the process of certification of sustainable building quality.

We offer comprehensive knowledge in appraisal, evaluation and balancing of real estate. In doing so, one has to be aware of the fact, that the value of real estate is not always equal to its costs. For this reason we analyze property in a comprehensive process. Based on the results KOP makes coherent predictions for investments in already existing buildings in regards of measures to maintain value and economic feasibility. This is particularly important for the facility management, where we accompany our clients in all phases of their projects to make sure that the value of their property is being maintained.


A certification of the building quality can be very helpful to maintain the value of real estate. For example, the certification system of the German Sustainability Council DGNB provides objective description and assessment and documents the high standards of buildings in regards of their ecology and economy quality. It also incorporates the perspective of its users. KOP is co-founder of the DGNB and brings in its know-how to this non-profit organization. Since 2009 several members of the KOP staff are working as certified DGNB auditors.

To determine value – making sound decisions

When passing over to the next generation, making decisions for investments or creating new strategies in terms of capital assets – the necessity for real estate evaluation and appraisal is multifaceted. 

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Facility management – maintaining values

Buildings have to reflect the continuous change in operating processes that take place in corporations. We support our clients in all stages of their facility management projects – starting from the determination of requirements to the planning and implementation of structural measures. 

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To enhance quality – put emphasis on sustainable construction and certification

Sustainable building activity focuses on the economic efficiency of real estate, which means it is aiming for low life cycle costs and long-term conservation of value.

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