Experts for innovative buildings

To put innovative planning into practice

  • Trendsetting architecture
  • PlusEnergy houses
  • Building Information Modeling

The dramatic change of the working environment asks for a highly interdisciplinary activity and a totally new understanding of construction. Especially with commercial buildings, an increased value added business is of great importance. So the scope of work of architects reaches far beyond design, planning and coordination of construction sites.

Therefore the architectural work of KOP starts with analysis of workflows in buildings and scenarios of the future development of companies - the building has to cope with it. The energetic performance is of great significance. We also have the know-how to build Zero-Energy and PlusEnergy houses. With our systematic approach, we are able to integrate various targets into the planning process and to control them in the process of implementation, such as low life cycle costs or a great performance in terms of sustainability. By doing all this, our ambition is to design visually attractive buildings with a high level of comfort for its users.

With this comprehensive approach the planners of KOP are working in teams and cooperating closely with external technicians, civil engineers, IT specialists and industrial engineers to find the best solution for our clients – a building which is serving the revenue.  

Our emphasis is the planning and construction of
· office- and administrative buildings,
· facilities for production, logistics and transportation,
· research- and development facilities,
· highly engineered communication spaces,
· canteen kitchens and cafeterias

Design – authentic, distinct and of timeless beauty

When developing new working environments, esthetics is a key element. The design of the work environment significantly influences the well-being, the motivation and performance of employees.

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In focus – finding economic solutions

Economic efficiency is multifaceted for us. During the planning phase we advise our clients, to achieve the most efficient solutions for their project.

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Energy-Design – future-proof construction

In the long term resources become a scarce good and prices will rise.

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Virtual reality – tangible planning

Building projects become more and more complex and the coordination between the participants requires adequate measures – for instance virtual reality.

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