Experts for new working environments

Developing and implementing working environments

  • Consultancy in organisation
  • Concepts for building layouts
  • Change management

Today the requirements on working environments in corporations and businesses change rapidly. This applies for the industry and service providers comparably. As experts for working environments we are familiar with the current developments and possibilities of optimizing organizations. We advise businesses on how to stimulate the capability and creativity of their employees by providing appropriate working environments. Our interdisciplinary team is always aiming for one objective: The revenue of your business.

Several factors are distinctive for today’s working environments:
Businesses offer their services in increasingly cross-linked structures, regional and international respectively. Innovations in communication and information technology alter work processes and value-added chains. Demands on flexibility for employees are increasing and in the industry cost pressure is strongly driving changes of working environments.

From our perspective this development is a great opportunity for companies to increase their economic efficiency. In close cooperation with our clients we analyze and improve the performance of organizational structures, processes, teams, employees, communication and information technology as well as buildings, based on our specific method.

To open up potentials – with KOP Performance-Shifting®

In our consultancy we develop work- and spatial concepts, focusing on an optimized interrelation of physical structure and spatial pattern of real estate.

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Knowledge work – a key factor for added value

Today knowledge work demands new requirements in regards to the design of work places and has an increasing importance for added value.

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To create transparency – 3-D models of organizational structure

Work processes and organizational structures are multilayered. To make them transparent we use 3-D models of organizational structure.

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Change management – KOP is bringing employees in

Moving into a new headquarters, moving to a new location or the buildup of new working environments, all require a solid preliminary.

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